Why Choes Get Proxy?

Get Proxy is different than other proxy providers.
With technology driven approach, we can guarantee the highest quality service.

Full Anonymity

Use real genuine IPs and stay 100% anonymous on the web.

100% Whitelisted

You can make unlimited amount of requests either through our IP session ports.

Fastest Proxies

You don't have to use slow and inefficient proxy providers anymore.

Accelerate Your Application

Getproxy uses the fastest servers with dedicated network bandwidth. See why all proxy providers are not created equally.

All provided proxies are trustable that means that they are not detected as proxy while iP-address belongs to the user which means you are not goimg to by banned anywhere.

  • Fast proxy servers combined with affordability.
  • Dedicated proxy server quality combined with affordability.
  • Ultimate privacy combined with performance.
  • Get new rotating proxies periodically for ultimate privacy.

How Customers Use Get Proxy

Global Internet routing for your most complex use-cases.
With the unprecedented selection and quality of our proxy network, all your business needs can be covered.

Price Monitoring

Ad Verification

Data Collection

Farming Account

Sales Intelligence

Content Analyzing

Web Testing

SEO Monitoring

Unlock Everything Sites and Applications

Get Proxy removes all restrictions, providing unlimited access. To video, music, social networks and many other resources from anywhere in the world. Huge global network. Fast IP servers with 42+ points in 36 countries and unlimited speeds.

Pricing & Packages

Choose your pricing plan. We have ip v6 proxies to suit all needs and budgets starting from €300 per year.

Popular Choice

Standart VDS

/48 ipV6 proxy

300Per Year

  • RAM 8Gb
  • CPU x1
  • Network 10Mb

Popular Choice

Business VDS

/32 ipV6 proxy

500Per Year

  • RAM 8Gb
  • CPU x1
  • Network 10Mb

Popular Choice

Executive VDS

/29 ipV6 proxy

1000Per Year

  • RAM 8Gb
  • CPU x1
  • Network 10Mb
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Boost Your Social Media Marketing for a New Level

Well, it is easy to lose yourself in the process of selecting the right social platform to work on. Generally, you can select a platform based on where your target audience spends most of their time.

To find out which platforms your target audiences are most engaged on, it takes some research.

We Are Located Wordlwide

Get proxies from any corner of the world. Easily filter your IPs by country, region, city, or provider right in the dashboard.

6.8M+ Residential iPs

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You can easily buy proxies from us for personal or business purposes. Our proxy network is exclusive, operated and managed by ourselves, end-to-end. Best selection, top freshness, highest uptime and speed are guaranteed.